HIRO LIFT designs and manufactures inclined lifts for the private and public sectors. They can be installed even with very narrow or winding stairs and over several floors without the usability of the stairs being significantly impaired for others. All models have a matured safety concept and are distinguished by smooth running characteristics. Most models are suitable for use both inside and out.

example inclined wheelchair lift

HIRO 320
for straight and curved stairs

The HIRO 320 is the standard HIRO LIFT model from the inclined wheelchair lift product line. It is suitable for both curved stairs and straight stairs.

All details for the HIRO 320 

lift for straight stairs

HIRO 350
for straight stairs

The HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift impresses with its good price/
performance ratio. For use on straight stairways, we are able to confidently use the less costly rack gear drive with this model.

All details for the HIRO 350

special inclined wheelchair lift

HIRO 360/370
The specialists

For cases where a stairway ends at the top with a winder (angled step), it is not possible for a normal platform to be flush when it reaches the last step. The HIRO 360 and the HIRO 370 are used in such cases.

All details for the HIRO 360 and 370

simple operation

Simple operation of the
HIRO incline lifts

On this page we would like to show you how simple the inclined wheelchair lift is to use.

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