• The special inclined wheelchair lift for straight and curved stairs
  • with lowering platform
  • Load bearing capacity: HIRO 360 up to 150 kg, HIRO 370 up to 225 kg


Product description – HIRO 370 and HIRO 360

For certain cases, where a stairway ends at the top with a winder (angled step), it is not possible for a normal platform to be flush when it reaches the last step. The HIRO 360 and the HIRO 370 are used in such cases. In addition to inclined movement, both platforms can also move vertically up to 50 cm. This enables the lift to drive over the last step and on to a suitable place in the hallway. Then the platform lower automatically onto the floor. The space-saving HIRO 360 tray platform is used in the private sector.

HIRO 360 & HIRO 370: Setting for the standard versions


Patented traction drive ensures gentle, gliding drive operation on two polished stainless steel tubes


Via radio remote control or control unit on a convenient spiral cable

ca. 0.1 m/s
Load bearing capacity:

HIRO 360 up to 150 kg, HIRO 370 up to 225 kg
Power supply:

Standard: 230 Volt supply via mains outlet sufficient, adaptable to usual local mains voltage, supply via rechargeable battery whilst driving, automatic charging in the stopping stations

Platform size:

On request

Alternative models