example special stair lift

HIRO 120 stair lift, private house, curved staircase

With this installation example in a private family home, the lift had to fulfil special requirements: Increased load-bearing capacity and the option to be able to transport a wheelchair though the stairway with the help of the lift at a later date.

The technical advisor and the customer decided on the HIRO 120 stair lift model. In this case, the HIRO 120 linked the basement, the ground floor and the first floor with one another and was initially equipped with a seat, which could also be simply replaced with a wheelchair platform if required. The increased load-bearing capacity of 225 kg also guarantees that the user and the wheelchair can arrive at their destination safely after the platform conversion.

Data and facts for this example case:

  • For curved stairs
  • Links the basement, the ground floor and the 1st. floor
  • Load-bearing capacity: Up to 225 kg


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