• The perfect solution for height differences of up to 3 metres
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Load bearing capacity up to 315 kg 

Because the lifting platforms are designed for use both inside buildings and also outdoors, there is a large range of different application opportunities whether this is the bridging of the entrance area of your private house or the linking of two different storeys, for example in a public building. Quickly installed – they are the ideal alternative to permanently installed ramps. A particular feature is that they can be retrofitted to almost any structural situation with minimal effort.

Depending on the version selected, the lifting platforms can be delivered either completely assembled or the various elements of the lift, for example the guide pillars or the platform, can be pre-assembled and then fitted together at the point of installation. And, if you decide to move house, you can simply take your lift with you.

All of the lifting platforms from our factory offer you a solution that is tailored to your needs and of course to your budget.

Videos of the wheelchair platform lifts

You can find product-specific videos for the wheelchair platform lifts here.

HIRO 350 and HIRO 450 lifting platform on Wewelsburg Castle

The HIRO 450 wheelchair platform lift and the HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift guarantee visitors to the Wewelsburg regional museum in the Paderborn region of Germany barrier-free access to all of the exhibition areas.

HIRO 460 wheelchair platform lift in the helicopter museum in Bückeburg

Thanks to the HIRO 460 lifting platform, large portions of the helicopter museum in Bückeburg (Germany) are accessible and barrier-free. The system has a lift height of around two metres and a load bearing capacity of 300 kg.

HIRO 450 wheelchair platform lift in Lisbon

A HIRO 450 type wheelchair platform lift in the foyer of the energy provider EDP in Lisbon enables barrier-free bypassing of a three-stage landing.

Safety features of the HIRO LIFT lifting platforms

Barrier and ramp

Depending on the version, the wheelchair platform lift is secured at the lower access point by an accompanying, mechanically locked and electrically secured ramp. An additional barrier can be installed for more security.

Under-run protection

As soon as the lifting platform moves upwards from the lower stopping station, a sturdy aluminium shutter or a robust protective curtain prevents access to the area underneath the platform thus providing secure protection from accidents. Alternatively, the platform can be equipped with a contact tray. This prevents the lift lowering all the way down in the event of there being an obstacle or person underneath it.

Deadman controls

All lifting platforms drive only whilst there is an active command present.

Fully automatic ramp

If flat access to the platform is not possible, a fully automatic ramp enables the wheelchair to be driven on or off the platform. There are no special operating steps required for this.


In order to prevent unauthorised use, all lifting platforms are put into operation with a key.


The half-height lift door with lock, fitted at the top stopping station in public areas can also be used in private areas. It is available either as a fully automatic version or as a manually operated door.

Emergency call as voice communication

It is possible to install an intercom system or an emergency telephone (GSM mobile telephone system or landline connection).

Overload monitoring

The lifting platform can only be moved if the max. load-bearing capacity of the lift is not being exceeded.

Setting for the HIRO LIFT lifting platforms


Spindle drive, rack gear drive
Machinery Room:

No machinery room required

No pit required. If a pit is desired, then pit depth is 6-11 cm
Access points:

Opposite, adjacent, above one another

Via radio remote control and/or control unit on the lifting platform

Up to 0.1 m/s
Transport height:

Up to 3 m

Load-bearing capacity:


Up to 315 kg (more on request)
Power supply:

230 Volt via mains outlet or 400 Volt 3-phase, 16 A, separate fuse/breaker. Adaptable to usual local mains voltage. Depending on the type of system, power supply whilst driving can be via rechargeable battery, which is constantly and automatically re-charged.

External dimensions (width x length):

Minimum: 1150 x 1290, Maximum: 1585 x 1490, additional on request
Usable platform size (width x length):

From 850 x 1230 mm to 1250 x 1400 mm or 1320 x 1320 mm (additional on request)

Stainless steel or optional aluminium; powder-coating in RAL colours possible, polycarbonate, glass (laminated safety glass)


Structural sheet metal, wood-effect
Diagnostics display: The practical diagnostics display (available with certain system variants) allows quick and cost-effective assistance. Because all operating conditions could be made visible, it is possible to carry out a quick remote diagnosis by telephone at any time and in many cases it is possible to avoid an unnecessary visit by maintenance personnel.