HIRO 160 stair lift

Whether a detached family home, a multi-storey apartment block or a multi-generation house – the living situations around the world are as different as the residents themselves. No two stairways are the same. For this reason, the demands on a stair lift are high and extremely diverse.

Our range of stair lift models is so diversified that we are able to address numerous requirements. We at HIRO LIFT carry out our own manufacturing thus enabling us to find a suitable solution even for complex or very steep stairways. All lift models are individually designed and tailor-made. It does not matter whether the stair lift is to be installed inside or out. The stair lifts from HIRO LIFT are distinguished by safety, comfort and the best driving characteristics. They are low-maintenance and are providing reliable service in many thousands of stairwells throughout the world.

The easiest way to decide which model would be best suited to your requirements is in consultation with our sales partners in your own country.

HIRO 155 Treppenlift-Modell für gerade Treppen

HIRO 155 for straight stairs

This lift impresses with its good price/performance ratio and can be installed indoors and outdoors. The load bearing capacity is up to 150 kg.

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stair lift outside

HIRO stair lifts for outside

These systems are designed for straight and curved stairs and are also fully functional in poor weather. They can be used for the development of entrance areas for example.

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stair lift

HIRO 160 for curved stairs

This lift is equipped with the patented HIRO traction drive. It is also clean, quiet, smooth-running and unmatched in terms of stability.

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operation of an HIRO stair lift

Simple operation

The operation of a HIRO stair lift requires only a few steps. Just a single control lever is required to drive up and down the stairs.

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arguments for a HIRO LIFT

Reasons to opt for a HIRO stair lift

A multitude of arguments stand in favour of a HIRO stair lift, for example the user-friendliness and proven safety.

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