As Germany's largest manufacturer of stair lifts we have been improving the life quality of our customers with our products for decades now. You need only to take a seat and actuate the operating lever – and the journey has started. But what kind of technology is responsible for this, that the barriers within your own four walls can be removed so conveniently?

There are several answers to this question. Because, our solutions are as individual as your needs. This is how we achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

The drive for straight stairs

In principle, we differentiate between rack gear drives and traction drives. Gear racks are always used if a straight drive track can be attached to the stair. In order to be able to guarantee optimum safety, the gear rack is not left exposed but rather is encased with an anodised aluminium profile.

Treppenlift mit Zahnstangenantrieb. Dieser Antrieb kostengünstige ist vor allem für gerade Fahrbahnverläufe geeignet.

Whilst this technology enables smooth operation on straight stairs, it does not perform so well with curved stairs. The gear wheels and the gear rack no longer mesh with one another without play on curves. The lift begins to judder. For this reason, we do not use this type of drive at all for our curved stair models and use our patented traction drive exclusively in these models.

Secure cornering with the traction drive

Our traction drive has been in use for years and has already proven its reliability in thousands of stair lifts throughout the world. It offers compelling advantages in comparison to conventional types of drive. The stair lift runs on two parallel stainless steel tubes and is driven by means of coated rollers. Regardless of the incline, this dual tube system provides maximum curve stability for the lift. Narrower than solutions with just one tube, our drive track leaves the stairs accessible to other householders.

Beim patentierten HIRO LIFT Traktionsantrieb greifen vier Räder um zwei runde Edelstahlrohre und bewegen den Lift auf- und abwärts.

Smooth running

The speed is seamlessly regulated throughout the travel. Starting and stopping are particularly gentle. This also enables the lift to provide pleasant smooth running that not only makes the journey more comfortable but also spares the spine any jarring, even in curves. This technical characteristic is certainly a great advantage for people with back problems.

Clean by nature

The stainless steel drive track tubes need not be oiled or greased in order to function properly. This ensures that they are always clean and dry, so that even if your clothes come into contact with the drive track they will not be soiled. In contrast to curved lifts with conventional rack gear drives, your stairway will not become soiled with metal filings caused by abrasion and paint flaking off.

Because we have completely omitted the use of gear wheels and chains with our curved models, the drive is also very quiet. The smooth tubes are bent during production to match the curves of your stair. However, they are not slotted, toothed or perforated and so injuries can be excluded.