• Good price/performance ratio
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Load bearing capacity up to 150kg 

Product description - HIRO 150

The HIRO 150 stair lift is our expert for straight stairs. Because the travel track of the lift does not need to bend thanks to the straight staircase, we are able to confidently use the cost-effective rack gear drive with this model. A lift can only be reliably operated using a rack gear drive system when the travel path is straight.

After the lift system has been installed, the gear rack is no longer visible. It is hidden underneath an anodised aluminium profile, which is not only clean and visually appealing, but also provides protection from injury. The narrow drive track also takes up very little space – your stairs remain clear to use.

As a further service for your safety, we equip all of our stair lifts with our fully automatic swivel seat as standard. After clearing the stairs and reaching a stopping station, the seat swivels automatically into the ideal position for you to get on or off.

This stair lift is not only suitable for indoor use. With its familiar high quality, our lift can also be used outdoors. Appropriate weather protection guarantees the durability, even with rain, wind or cold weather. Very powerful – good price/performance ratio.

Videos of the HIRO 150 stair lift

You can find videos for the HIRO 150 stair lift for straight stairs here.

Stair lifts by HIRO LIFT

This is how it works: The purchase and installation of a HIRO LIFT stair lift.

Alternative fastening systems

What exactly will happen to my beautiful staircase? In this video we show you the various different options for fastening the travel track - leaving no trace on the steps if the stair lift is no longer required and removed one day.

You can find further videos here

HIRO 150: Setting for the standard version


Stair lift for straight stairs, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas

Rack gear drive
Drive track:

Narrow, anodised aluminium profile

Via controls in the armrest, radio remote control or controller on a spiral cable

0.1 m/s
Load-bearing capacity:

Up to 150 kg
Power supply:

Automatic charging – 230 Volt via mains outlet, adaptable to usual local mains voltage, supply via rechargeable battery whilst driving

Width during travel 60 cm, in parked condition 35 cm
Safety certificate:

Approved safety from TÜV Süd
Features:Suitable exclusively for straight stairs, allowing us to offer a good price/performance ratio; fully automatic, electrical swivel seat to allow the user to get on and off comfortably at the top stopping station; automatic folding travel track possible if stairs end directly in front of a door

Stair lift installation examples

We will find a suitable solution for almost every stair situation. Regardless of whether the stairway is straight or curved, whether the stairwell is narrow or if the living situation is complicated – our stair lifts are in use in many households. Here, we have collected together some installation examples for the HIRO 150 stair lift – the specialist for straight stairs. Get an idea of some of the different installation options.

Treppenlift vom Typ HIRO 150 in der unteren Haltestelle.

Stair lift HIRO 150

Installation in a medical centre

Treppenlift HIRO 150 für gerade Treppen.

Stair lift HIRO 150

Visually harmonised with the living environment

Diese steile Außentreppe ist dank Treppenlift nun auch bei Glatteis kein Hindernis mehr.

Stair lift HIRO 150

Private house with long outside staircase

Ein Drehsitz ermöglicht einen sicheren und Bequemen Ausstieg.

Stair lift HIRO 150 in a private house

Installation on the wooden staircase

Treppenlift vom Typ HIRO 150 in der unteren Haltestelle.

Stair lift HIRO 150 in an old building

Stair lift secures access to dental practice

Treppenlift für gerade Treppen mit eingeklappten Fuß-, Arm- und Sitzflächen.

HIRO 150 with folding drive track

Stair lift with folding drive track

Treppenlift HIRO 150 für gerade Treppen in der unteren Haltestelle.

Stair lift HIRO 150 in a community

In the entrance area of a senior citizens' apartment-sharing community

HIRO 150 safety features


We place great importance on your safety.

For us, progressive design also means that we are consistently thinking about your safety and your comfort. For this reason, in addition to the normal safety equipment, all HIRO stair lifts also have a few noteworthy details:

Your stair lift is ready for use at any time thanks to the maintenance-free high-performance rechargeable battery.

With all stair lifts, the power supply is implemented via a maintenance-free rechargeable gel battery so that you can reach your destination safely even in the event of a power failure. Even without power, the lift still remains operational for several hours. If it is in one of the stopping stations, the intelligent charging electronics autonomously detects when the rechargeable battery needs to be recharged.

Dank dieser Akkus funktionieren unsere Treppenlifte auch bei Stromausfall.

GS-approved safety

Our HIRO 150 and HIRO 160 stair lift models also bear the "GS-approved safety" seal. The GS mark certifies that the product has been checked by a German state-approved test centre and that it has fulfilled the requirements of the product safety law and complies with the European safety standards.

TÜV GS Siegel für geprüfte Sicherheit

The diagnostics display allows quick and cost-effective assistance

The practical diagnostics display enables all operational conditions to be made visible. This makes quick and simple fault diagnosis by telephone with our sales partners' technical service departments possible at any time.

Because conditions that deviate from normal operating mode are automatically shown on the display, the customer can simply read them along with the important service telephone numbers, and can generally get the lift back to normal operation with a call to the technical service department. In many cases there is no need to dispatch service personnel and you can continue to use your stair lift immediately and with no further costs being accrued.

Die Diagnoseanzeige dieses Treppenlifts hilft bei der Fehlersuche.
Oft hilft ein kurzer Anruf beim Service-Team weiter


Automatic safety stop

Electrical contact strips on the cladding of the stair lift and on the footplate ensure that the system comes to an immediate standstill as soon as there is an obstacle. Accidents are thus reliably prevented.

Optimal für die Sicherheit: Der Treppenlift stoppt automatisch, sollte ein Hindernis im Weg stehen.


Safety belt

For your safety, all HIRO stair lifts are equipped with a safety belt - similar to the familiar car safety belts and just as strong and reliable.



Sicherheit geht vor. Deshalb gibt es auch auf Treppenliften einen Anschnallgurt.

Alternative models