Stair lift HIRO 150 on a wooden staircase

This installation example presented the HIRO technicians and consultants with the task of finding a stair lift with a very small footprint for the narrow stairwell. Since the stair was straight the decision fell in favour of the HIRO 150. The drive track was fastened so closely to the wall that it was possible to run the lift on the stairway without any restrictions whilst still leaving the user with adequate space for their legs. At the same time, the fully automatic swivel seat ensured that the user could get on and off safely and comfortably at the top stopping station.

Data and facts for this example case:

  • Space-saving solution
  • Fastening the drive track very close to the wall
  • The stairway remains free for the other occupants to use
  • Rack gear drive due to the straight stairway


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